Friday, March 27, 2009

Masonic hazing contraption from 1800s: Bucking lamb

Moderator:  One type of folk art that ends up in antique stores all the time is Masonic hazing equipment, much crude, some intended to be clever. Here is one I found online today for sale. I'm not in sale business, so please don't ask me to buy. HN

This pull toy bucking lamb or goat came from farm in a northern Minnesota town & it works great........It is very crude with some hand forged iron, real horns {goat??} original fabric that has worn thru on the sitting area, however that lets you see the construction of the stirrup is there, one is gone.........goat head is rough & deteriorated, however horns are still there & solid..........i really don't know much about this type of stuff however the picker i bought it from said the guy had a lot of old Masonic memorabilia & the old guy said it dates around 1870, but i find that hard to believe.......It is definetly very old, folky & great conversation piece if anybody can share any info (date, history,etc. }

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